5 Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Cancer You’re Likely to Ignore

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Kidney cancer is an illness that occurs in your kidney. Based on science, kidney cancer is associated with a tumor or lump that develops as a result of abnormal growth of healthy cells. Mostly, kidney cancer signs and symptoms are seen in areas, such as the lower back and urine. According to scientific research, cancer is among the killer diseases worldwide. Your kidneys play a significant role in your body, such as creating urine, eliminating waste material from the blood, involved in the creation of red blood cells, and maintain healthy blood pressure. A tumor in your kidney will alter the normal functioning of your kidney. Biologically, an individual can survive with one kidney. Kidney cancer can also be termed as renal cell carcinoma or RCC. Below are the key factors that increase the risk of developing kidney cancer.

• Obesity
• Smoking
• Older age
• Inherited syndrome
• Hypertension
• Family history
• Kidney Failure
• Lifestyle

Based on science, kidney disease comes as a result of abnormal mutations of the kidney cells in their DNA. Note that the cell’s DNA will provide necessary instructions on how the cell should do. Cell mutation is a situation whereby your kidney cells will divide and grow rapidly. There are signs that should notify you that you’re developing kidney cancer. Below are the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer you’re likely to ignore.

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