10 Warning Signs Your Lungs Are Yelling for Immediate Help

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Lungs are among the essential parts of the respiratory system. There are a group of tissues and other body organs, such as lungs, that enables you to breathe smoothly. The main obligation of the respiratory system is to remove waste gases and move fresh and quality air into your body. There are some lifestyles that can cause lung deterioration, such as inhaling toxic gases or smoking. Based on medical research, there are several types of chronic lung disease. These types include:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Also termed as COPD. It refers to two distinct conditions: emphysema and bronchitis. These conditions will worsen with time if not treated. Chronic bronchitis causes sharp irritation on your airway and is characterized by persistent coughing. Emphysema weakens your lung tissues, causing breakage of the air sacks.


This is a chronic disease that affects your bronchial tubes and airway. If you’re an asthma patient, your airway will become highly sensitive, swollen, or inflamed. Asthma can be caused by various factors, such as air pollution, smoke, mold, pesticides, and other strong irritants.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer leads to malignant(abnormal) multiply and growth of lung cells. Research shows that cancer can spread to other vital body organs. There are two distinct types of cancer: non-small cell and small cell.

Inhaling allergens and air contaminants increases the risk of developing lung diseases. There are several warning signs of lung diseases. Recognizing lung-related signs and symptoms will reduce your medical cost, increase your lifespan, and improve your health. Below are 10 warning signs your lungs are yelling for immediate help.

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