11 Best Climbing Fruits To Grow In The Garden

1. Kiwi
Botanical Name: Actinidia deliciosa

Kiwis grow on perennial vines that reach 14-18 feet tall and 12-16 feet wide. They thrive best on pergolas or tall trellis, where they can bask all day in the sun.

2. Armenian Cucumber
Botanical Name: Cucumis melo var. flexuosus

Armenian cucumbers or any cucumbers can be trained vertically in garden stakes or light trellises. The plant needs a warm, well-drained, and fertile medium to produce juicy cucumbers.

3. Grapes
Botanical Name: Vitis

Grapevines are a treat to the eyes for their lush foliage and clustered hanging fruits. The vines spread rapidly and need regular pruning to grow on arbors and pergolas in the sunny garden corners.

4. Passionfruit


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