13 health benefits of celery


The crisp crunch of celery makes for a great snack, but there’s more to that green stalk than meets the eye. In fact, you may be surprised to find out that celery has a number of benefits that can have a huge impact on your health. Not to mention, celery is also low in calories. Each stalk runs about 10 calories.
From healthier joints to better heart health, the benefits celery provides to your body are endless. The green stalk also has anti-inflammatory benefits and can help the digestive track. Read on to see why you should include celery on your next shopping list.
1. Supports bone strength
Celery packs a punch when it comes to bone health. There are a number of nutrients found in the little stalks that promote strengthening your skeleton — including vitamin K, which allows the bones to absorb calcium.
2. Supports a healthier immune system
Don’t skimp on celery during flu season. The high concentration of vitamin C makes celery an excellent source for boosting your immune system. Eating celery regularly can help you combat symptoms of the common cold and other illnesses.

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