4 Homemade Fertilizers for Poinsettia and Orchids (it will keep it beautiful)

If you want to promote the good growth of a poinsettia plant, you must pay special attention to its care, and for this you will require a fertilizer, which will help improve the quality of the soil for your poinsettia.

The development of a poinsettia plant occurs in 3 stages (initial stage, growth and flowering), and that is why a different fertilizer is required for each one.

Next, we will show you 4 Homemade Fertilizers so that your Christmas Eve stays beautiful
Tea Banana: An excellent source of potassium, which help especially to bloom at night.

Ground coffee: This alternative is ideal thanks to its nitrogen contribution to the soil.

Eggshells: This is one of the most popular and economical fertilizers , it can also serve as a pest repellent. You just have to crush the shell into small pieces.

Animal feces: They contain many doses of nitrogen , which enriches the soil . We suggest you use the one for chickens, rabbits, sheep or horses.



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