8 Signs Of An Underwatered Aloe Plant
yellow aloe plant
Before we move on, let’s take a look at the reasons an aloe can become dehydrated. The fleshy stems of an Aloe plant retain moisture for an extended period, but for how long?

The amount of water in the stems can decrease over time, causing damage to the plant. That is why it’s essential to observe the plant and check the moisture levels regularly. All types of Aloe plants, including Aloe humilis, are sensitive to underwatering.

Aloe cells lose water, which affects metabolic processes and damages physiological functions. That is the cause of the following issues.

1. Brown Tips On Aloe Leaves
Overfertilization is the most common cause of brown tips on the leaves. They look like they’re suffering from sunburn. But an underwatered aloe plant can also show these changes.

Water deficiency will affect leaf tips as they are the farthest from the stems, which means they are also furthest from the source of water.

It’s worth mentioning that this will be the first sign of dehydration on an aloe plant, as the tips are the last part of the Aloe to receive water.

Tips will first become dry, then shrivel, and eventually turn brown.

Without moisture, the leaf tips can’t survive.

2. Yellow Leaves


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