Creative way to plant potatoes

Creative way to plant potatoes🥔🥔🥔

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1. Grow Potatoes in Bags

You can cultivate potatoes in grocery bags. The idea is straightforward to imitate and is absolutely free. To grow potatoes in a grocery store bag, all you have to do is to fill the bag with nutrient-rich loamy soil and plant them. Of course, you will have to add more soil as the plants grow.

2. Growing Potatoes in Sacks

Grow Bags for Sweet Potatoes | Growing vegetables, Potato gardening, Growing potatoes

The same procedure used for the bag can be tried to grow potatoes in the burlap sacks and trash bags. You can also grow ginger and sweet potatoes similarly.

3. Growing Potatoes in Pots

How To Grow Potatoes in Containers at Home in Garden or Indoors - YouTube
Growing potatoes in pots is not difficult.

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