Save your plastic bottles – you’re gonna need them for your garden



As consumers, many people are constantly looking for ways to reduce their environmental “footprint” – recycling, reusing, repurposing – in an effort to help better the environment. There is also an upward trend in homeowners planting a garden to reduce environmental impacts from chemical applications and minimize chemical residues on produce. Therefore, it makes sense people have come up with incredibly ingenious ideas to repurpose common items into useful garden hacks.
These nine awesome ideas reuse plastic bottles creatively in the garden, saving them from being thrown away or sent away to be recycled.
1. Mini greenhouse
Tender plants, seedlings especially, benefit from being grown inside clear plastic bottles. Cut off the bottom of a clean bottle and place the top half over the plant, pushing it down into the soil. This mini greenhouse will help protect the plant from frost, rain and wind.


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  1. […]  IVAN SMUK / SHUTTERSTOCK 4. Save time cleaning tools You can make a self-cleaning and self-sharpening garden tool holder. All you need is a mid-size terra-cotta pot, sand and mineral oil. The abrasive sand will keep the tools sharp while the oil keeps them lubricated so they won’t get any dirt or rust buildup. 5. Put watering on autopilot A drip irrigation system can be simple (such as a soaker hose) or a bit more complex (as shown below). Either way, the system delivers water directly to the plant, where it seeps slowly into the soil one drop at a time. Not only does this save precious water, but it also saves time. HERE’S A CHEAP SIMPLE TRICK TO WATER YOUR GARDEN >>your plastic bottles – you’re gonna need them for your garden […]

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