The Benefits of Mixing Marigolds and Tomatoes

Mixing marigolds and tomatoes in the garden can provide several benefits, as these two plants have a symbiotic relationship that can help improve the overall health and productivity of your tomato plants. Here are the key benefits of growing marigolds alongside tomatoes:

Pest control: Marigolds contain natural compounds that act as a repellent to certain garden pests, including nematodes and aphids. Nematodes, in particular, are microscopic soil-dwelling organisms that can harm tomato roots, leading to stunted growth and reduced yields. Planting marigolds around tomatoes can help deter nematodes and other harmful insects, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.

Attracting beneficial insects: While marigolds repel certain pests, they also attract beneficial insects such as ladybugs and hoverflies. These insects are natural predators of aphids and other harmful pests. By creating a diverse and balanced ecosystem in your garden, you encourage the presence of these beneficial insects, which can help keep pest populations in check.

Improved soil health: Marigolds are known for their ability to improve soil health. They release organic compounds into the soil, which can suppress the growth of harmful pathogens and nematodes. Additionally, marigold roots exude substances that can help repel pests and inhibit the growth of harmful soil-borne organisms.


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