15 Innovative Strawberry Planting Ideas For Big Harvests In Tiny Spaces

15 clever strawberry growing ideas for big harvests in tiny space

Strawberries are an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels, even those who are new to gardening. They are incredibly easy to grow and require minimal space, making them a versatile crop for any garden.

If you’re wondering where to grow your strawberries, look no further! In this article, we’ll explore 15 different strawberry planting ideas that you can consider. No matter the size of your garden or the location you live in, you’re bound to find a suggestion that suits your needs perfectly.

From traditional raised beds to hanging baskets, vertical planters, and even window boxes, we’ll cover a range of options to inspire you. Whether you have ample space or limited areas to work with, there’s a strawberry planting idea that will work for you. Get ready to enjoy the sweet rewards of homegrown strawberries with these creative and practical planting ideas.

1. Dedicated Strawberry Patch

The first and most obvious idea, if you want plenty of strawberries, is to grow them in a dedicated strawberry patch.

This could be in-ground, if the soil is suitable where you live. But it could also be a raised bed. If you do go for a raised bed, it could be either a traditional flat raised bed.

Having a dedicated strawberry patch will mean that you can grow plenty of strawberries on your homestead.

But even with a dedicated patch, it is worthwhile incorporating companion plants to keep your strawberries growing strong. Herbs such as mint, chives, sage, caraway and thyme, and flowers like borage can all be excellent options, for example.

2. Perennial Strawberry Polyculture Bed

Strawberries growing in a raised bed with other vegetables and herbs.

Another idea is to create a bed where strawberries are only one of the ‘stars of the show’.

Creating a bed with strawberries alongside other starring perennial plants can be another great idea where there is space to do so.

A raised bed or in ground growing area containing asparagus can be a good spot for strawberries too. They like similar conditions and can be grown alongside one another without competing for nutrients.

In a perennial polyculture bed containing strawberries and asparagus, you can also include other perennial plants, including the aromatic herbs mentioned above, and perennial plants in the allium (onion) family. You could also include plenty of perennial flowering plants, to bring in those pollinators and other beneficial insects.

3. Strawberries in a Fruit Tree Guild

Another great place to grow strawberries is around a fruit tree. Alpine or woodland strawberries in particular are great for inclusion in a fruit tree guild since they can cope with some dappled shade.

But even regular garden strawberries can be placed around the sunny, south facing edges of a fruit tree guild.

Strawberries can help the tree by providing good ground cover. But they will also be helped by the tree. The tree’s blossom can bring in pollinators, so they will be in the area by the time that your strawberries need them.

4. Strawberry Bed Edging for Annual Kitchen Gardens

Strawberry plants used as garden bed edging.

Garden bed edging does not have to be made of non-living materials. Bed edging can be made from living plants too – and strawberries can be the perfect candidates.

They spread well to reduce the encroachment of weeds. And they increase your yield by making the most of every inch of your garden – including those awkward edge areas and fringes.

Strawberries can’t just be used around the edges of a fruit tree guild, they can also be used to line the edges of any other garden bed or border, to skirt the sides of a driveway or path, or to softly denote the borders of a vegetable patch, for example.

5. Standard Strawberry Planters

Of course, you don’t need to have in-ground growing space to grow strawberries in your garden. Strawberries also lend themselves very well to container growing.

Containers can be kept outside in your garden, on a patio, porch or balcony, in a greenhouse or polytunnel, or even inside your home.

Any traditional planter can be used to grow strawberries, either on their own or mixed in with ornamental flowers and other plants.

Of course, there are plenty of planters that you can buy. But it is also worthwhile remembering that there are many DIY and upcycling ideas that you could use to make your own.



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