5 Tricks for Perfectly Harvesting Garlic and Preserving its Flavor

Harvesting garlic and preserving its flavor requires careful attention to detail. Here are five tricks to help you achieve perfect results:

Timing is key: Garlic is typically ready for harvest when the lower leaves turn yellow or brown and start to die back. However, it’s important to monitor the bulbs closely to avoid waiting too long, as overripe garlic can split or lose flavor. Dig up a bulb or two to check if the cloves have formed fully and the skins have tightened around them.

Use the right tools: To harvest garlic without damaging the bulbs, use a garden fork or shovel to loosen the soil around the plants gently. Avoid pulling on the stalks, as this can lead to broken bulbs. Lift the bulbs carefully from the ground, preserving their protective outer layers.

Cure the garlic properly: Curing is the process of drying garlic after harvest, which enhances its flavor and improves its storage life. After harvesting, brush off any excess soil from the bulbs and leave them in a warm, well-ventilated area with low humidity. Hang the garlic in bunches or spread it out on a drying rack, ensuring good air circulation. Allow the bulbs to cure for two to four weeks until the skins become papery and the cloves firm up.



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