7 brilliant reasons to never throw away pistachio shells

7 brilliant reasons to never throw away pistachio shells

Empty pistachio nut shells useful in arts

1. Keep snails and slugs away from your plants

7 brilliant reasons to never throw away pistachio shells
pistachio shell to deter slugs and snails in the garden
If you love gardening like I do, chances are you have a bed of herbs and vegetables laying on your backyard. These fresh produce are lovely addition to your cooking. But, they are prone to be a target of slugs and garden snails.


You can use pistachio shells to deter the slugs and snails away. These garden pests prefer to cross on easy terrains. So, putting the shells around the perimeter of your garden bed creates a barrier. The pistachio shells make it rough for them to get over.

If you have a huge garden bed, you will need more pistachio shells. Spread it thick so those slugs and snails will have second thoughts of snacking on your garden!

2. Use as fire starter

Friends that love camping would probably know this trick. Other than coconut husk, charcoal and sawdust, you also can use pistachio shells to start your camp fire. It’s the perfect cheap home made fire starter that pistachio lovers would need.

This makes pistachio a great snack to bring for camps doesn’t it?

Instead of using the shells by itself, stuff them inside the cutout of a paper egg carton. This will help to get the fire going better. Plus, the uneven surface of the pistachio shells allows air ventilation that keeps the fire going.

If you’re crafty, you can also make little cups of soy wax candles with pistachio shells in them. They make the cutest fire pit lighters that will make your camping much more fun

3. Create a lamp shade with pistachio shells

It’s time to get creative! You can make a cheap lamp shade for your table with pistachio shells. It looks impressive too!

First, you need to blow a balloon up to the size of the lamp shade that you want. Then, use hot glue to build your pistachio shells around it.

Finally, poke the balloon and invert it. Voila! You now have a pistachio lamp shade! Now, place it on top of a table light bulb and enjoy the warm glow.

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