Here’s how to open a can in an emergency (this is so simple!)

The zombie apocalypse has come, and you’re waiting it out in your basement. You did manage to grab a camping potty, a few novels and several cans of food before closing the basement door, but you forgot the can opener! Now, what?
WARNING: These can-opening methods, while useful in certain situations, do create a sharp and ragged edge to the lid. Use extreme caution when executing any of these methods — wearing cut-resistant safety gloves is recommended.
1. Spoon
With strong wrists and a sturdy spoon, you should be able to remove the lid from your canned goods.
Grip the spoon firmly in your fist, and rub the tip back and forth along the edge of the lid.
The motion quickly thins the metal, and the spoon will puncture a hole through the lid.

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