Put a bar of soap under your bedsheets for a baffling but extraordinary effect

Most people have woken from a night’s slumber at one time or another from the excruciating pain of a leg cramp. According to Mayo Clinic, leg cramps have a variety of causes. They can result from overuse during strenuous or prolonged exercise, dehydration, nerve compression, or too few minerals like potassium, calcium, or magnesium.
Some people are more at risk for leg cramps than others. As people age, they lose muscle mass, making their calves and other muscles more susceptible to overuse and consequent cramping. Women who are pregnant, as well as people who have diabetes, nerve, liver, or thyroid disorders suffer from leg cramps more often than those without these health concerns. If you suffer from leg cramps, there are life hacks you can adopt to prevent leg cramps, as well as home remedies to target the pain and relax the muscle when a cramp occurs.
1. Irish Spring

It may be hard to believe, but sleeping with an unwrapped bar of Irish Spring soap between the sheets can have miraculous effects for people who regularly suffer from nighttime leg cramps. According to Live Science, the old wive’s tale really works. The remedy was featured on the Dr. Oz Show and though the reason behind the treatment is unknown, Dr. Oz suspects the smell of lavender can be effective in relaxing tense muscles.
2. Heat

According to Reader’s Digest Best Health, placing an electric heating pad or applying a hot washcloth to the cramped muscle can help increase blood flow, which will in turn relax the muscle. It may also be helpful to take a long, warm shower or to relax in a hot bath treated with magnesium-rich Epsom salts.
3. Stretch

When a leg cramp strikes in your calf, stand in front of a wall. Place all your weight on your cramped leg and bend your knee to stretch the muscle. If it is too painful to stand, sit on the floor or in a chair with your cramped leg extended and with a straight leg, try to pull the top of your foot toward your head. According to Mayo Clinic, the sitting stretch is also effective for releasing hamstring cramps.


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