11+ healthy foods that help make nails stronger naturally

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11+ healthy foods that help make nails stronger naturally

A healthy diet benefits the human body as a whole, but when certain vitamins and nutrients are missing, the damage can cause changes in nail appearance and growth. Nails are made of keratin, a type of protein that makes them strong so they can protect the fingertips and toes from damage. They’re also a good indicator of general heath, so it is important to keep track of changes in color, texture, thickness and resiliency.
Although nails may break under normal circumstances, consuming the right foods will help them grow stronger. The following list contains foods that are rich in protein, iron, biotin, folic acid, calcium, zinc and vitamins C and A. Once you learn which foods contain these nutrients, feel free to venture out on your own and find more nail-growing goodness.
1. Eggs
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Protein helps nails grow strong and healthy. Unlike fat, which has nine calories per gram, protein only has four calories per gram. You can boost your protein levels and conserve calories at the same time.
2. Lean meat
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Lean red meat, when eaten in moderation, provides iron, an essential nutrient that keeps nails from peeling, developing ridges and becoming brittle.
3. Soybeans
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If you’d rather avoid meat entirely, soybeans are also a wonderful source of iron. Enjoy them alone or added to a salad for extra nail strengthening protection.


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