The health benefits of superbrain yoga

If you cross your arms and pull on your ears in this way, here’s what happens

A child is born with about 100 billion brain cells. By the fourth week after conception, the embryo is producing roughly 500,000 neurons every minute, according to Collective Evolution. While the brain is designed with the potential for greatness, not using it or failing to understand how to increase brain power can put you at a distinct disadvantage. That’s where Superbrain Yoga comes in.
What is Superbrain Yoga?
The Superbrain Yoga website reports that this practice is “a simple and effective technique to energize and recharge the brain.” The technique was introduced in the book “Superbrain Yoga,” written by Master Choa Kok Sui.
This method has been used on young school children, including those who suffer from disabilities like ADHD, Down syndrome and cognitive delays. According to the Superbrain Yoga site, research indicates that this practice increases electrical brain activity.
How do you do it?
If you want to try Superbrain Yoga, follow these steps, according to Collective Evolution.
1. Face east. If you are elderly, turn toward the north.
2. Remove all jewelry and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Make sure to keep your tongue in place throughout the entire exercise.
3. Cross your left hand over your upper body and grab your right earlobe with your left thumb and forefinger. Your thumb should be on the front of your ear.
4. Keeping your left arm in place, do the same thing with your right hand, reaching across your body to grasp your left earlobe. Your left arm should be closest to your chest.
5. Breathe in slowly through your nose, and squat to the ground.
6. Exhale through your nose as you resume the standing position.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 fourteen times. Your tongue should stay on the roof of your mouth and fingers should remain grasping your earlobes the entire time.


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