Stop plucking and harsh chemicals. Here’s six painless ways to get rid of unwanted hair

Body hair can be beautiful and should be celebrated. Some women even go as far as to dye their underarm hair, reports the New York Times. However, there are times that you may find body hair irritating and want to remove it.
Instead of suffering through the nicks and rashes of a razor or the excruciating pain of a traditional wax, try these safe, all-natural ways to remove unwanted body hair.
1. Sugar and lemon mixture: This classic facial hair-removal method actually works!
Once you have the above mixture made, apply to face in the direction of hair growth. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Wash solution off with water. Rub gently. Repeat 2-3 times each week for several weeks.
2. Lentils and potatoes mixture: It sounds more like a soup recipe, but in fact, lentils and potatoes are some of the best ingredients for hair removal.
Once you have the mixture above made, apply it to the body where desired. Leave on for 30 minutes, and then rinse everything off.
3. Banana and oatmeal mixture:

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